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EVMC provides surgical services by a team of board-certified specialist clinicians, along with a dedicated support team (residents, interns, nurses and vet assistants).

The surgery team provides in-depth diagnostic evaluation and treatment for a variety of both soft tissue and orthopedic disorders.

EVMC offers the latest advances in surgical equipment and techniques, including minimally-invasive techniques such as laparoscopy and arthroscopy/tenoscopy. With three fully-equipped operating theaters including a standing surgery theater, and two induction/recovery boxes.

Colic surgeries are performed in a dedicated operating theater where all techniques and advanced equipment necessary for the resolution of complex intestinal problems,  such as resection and bypass are available to the clinicians to maximize outcomes.

Fracture repair as well as upper airway surgeries are also routinely performed at EVMC using the most updated implants and techniques in an operating theater dedicated to highly sterile procedures, in order to lower the risk of surgical site infection.

Wound repairs from basic to complex are performed at EVMC with the most advanced techniques in skin grafting offered for large or non-healing wounds.

Latest diode laser energy, bipolar/monopolar electrosurgical energy, and electrochemotherapy are available at EVMC to reach maximum safety and efficiency for the patient. This advanced medical technology facilitates the treatment of various conditions, including tumors.

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