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Equine Dental Sinusitis

On 14 January 2021 6:20 am | Seminar

We are delighted to welcome Dr. John Mark O’Leary as our speaker on Tuesday the 19th of January at 1pm. Dr. John Mark will be … Read More

Equine Asthma: A Review and Novel Findings

On 25 November 2020 7:17 am | Seminar

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Jean-Pierre Lavoie as our speaker on Tuesday the 1st of December at 4pm. Dr. Jean-Pierre, will be joining us … Read More

Back Pain in Sport Horses

On 10 November 2020 6:57 am | Seminar

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Omar Maher as our speaker on Tuesday the 17th of November at 4pm. Dr. Omar, will be joining us … Read More

ECG Reading in Horses : Theory and Practice

On 3 November 2020 5:24 am | Seminar

After completing a degree in veterinary medicine at Alfort Veterinary School in France, Dr. Julie Dauvillier spent 5 years in Canada at the University of … Read More

Recent perspectives on pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of osteochondrosis

On 20 October 2020 5:31 am | Seminar

www.evmc.qa Webinar TUESDAY 20, 4:00 PM Doha time October, 2020 Microsoft Teams LIVE Recent perspectives on pathophysiology, diagnosis and management of osteochondros is Dr.SheilaLaverty Dr.SheilaLaverty … Read More

Electrochemotherapy in horses: A new therapy offered at EVMC

On 5 October 2020 10:50 am | Seminar

Dr. Jessica Johnson graduated with a MVB in Veterinary Medicine from University College Dublin (UCD) in 2011 and she followed this with three equine internships: … Read More

Rhodococcus equi infections in foals

On 14 July 2020 10:53 am | Seminar

Dr. Devaya Achappa Graduated with a Master of Veterinary Science (MVSc) from the University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India. He has over 28 years of … Read More

Metabolomics of the endurance horse under desert conditions

On 7 July 2020 7:05 am | Seminar

Dr. João Oliveira obtained his DVM from UTAD, Portugal, in 2016 and has since worked in a number of equine practices. He started as a … Read More

Treatment of equine digital osteochondroma in a foal

On 30 June 2020 4:49 am | Seminar

Dr. Machiel Ysebaert, graduated from the University of Ghent, Belgium in 2013, and gained his Master’s degree in Veterinary Science in 2016. Dr. Machiel has … Read More

Shoeing around the Coffin Joint

On 18 June 2020 7:31 am | Seminar

Mr. Rodney King, an Associate of the Worshipful Company of Farriers UK, has been a farrier for the past 25 years. Rodney’s farriery career has … Read More

Juvenile Guttural Pouch Empyema in Arabian Foals

On 16 June 2020 8:56 am | Seminar

Dr. Nicole Van der Vossen obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Ghent in Belgium in 2017 and then worked as … Read More

Equine emergency triage – initial treatment of the emergency patient

On 7 June 2020 11:18 am | Seminar

Ms Sarah Glynn is a veterinary nurse who graduated in June 2019, from University College Dublin, Ireland. Although a new graduate, Sarah has spent her … Read More

What’s your Neuroanatomical diagnosis?

On 10 May 2020 7:35 am | Seminar

Dr. Melissa Fenn received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona and then went on to graduate from Cornell University with a Doctor of … Read More

How can we treat tendinopathies effectively?

On 6 May 2020 7:00 am | Seminar

Dr. Endrigo Pompermayer graduated from the Federal University of Santa Maria, Brazil in 2008. Following graduation, he worked for two years in the same institution … Read More


On 25 April 2020 7:09 am | Seminar

Dr. Camilla Jamieson obtained her veterinary degree from the University of Nottingham in 2011. She then completed an internship at a large sports medicine clinic … Read More

Predicting Pregnancy Outcome: The untold story

On 20 April 2020 12:03 pm | Seminar

Dr. Stefania Bucca, graduated from the University of Torino, College of Veterinary Medicine, Italy, in 1977. She practiced in Ireland, Italy and Australia as a … Read More

Equine Sarcoids

On 8 April 2020 12:08 pm | Seminar

Dr. Devaya’s previous roles have ranged from the management, treatment, and breeding of horses at stud farms, to providing medical and surgical care to horses … Read More

Equine Digital Flexor Tendon Sheath Injuries

On 24 March 2020 12:47 pm | News

The digital flexor tendon sheath (DFTS) is far more complex than what one equine surgeon gathered in vet school. The additional details he’s discovered in … Read More

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser opens QF’s Equine Veterinary Medical Center

On 24 March 2020 10:02 am | News

Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Qatar Foundation, has officially opened the Equine Veterinary Medical Center – a regionally unique facility designed to provide the … Read More

QF’s Equine Veterinary Medical Center continues centuries-old Arab legacy

On 24 March 2020 8:49 am | News

No animal is perhaps so closely intertwined with the history, traditions and heritage of a geographical area as horses are to the Arabian peninsula. Across … Read More

QU’s Empower Generations Consortium signs MoUs for health care and education

On 24 March 2020 8:32 am | News

Qatar University (QU), through its Empower Generations Consortium, a project that directs secondary student interest towards careers in life & biomedical sciences, signed a number … Read More

Vocation Take Johnson from Dublin to Doha

On 24 March 2020 8:21 am | News

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Jessica Johnson speaks to Judith Faherty about her role heading up the Al Shaqab equine hospital in Doha Read More: Irish Field  Read More

Different set of challenges at the ‘Hollywood of horses’

On 24 March 2020 8:05 am | News

It’s been described in turn as the ‘Hollywood of horses’ and ‘horse heaven’, and it’s guilty as charged according to the Irish stable of workers … Read More

Al Shaqab to open world-class equine health facility

On 24 March 2020 7:40 am | News

Horses have long been an important part of Qatari life and culture, and just as the country’s human healthcare has seen significant advances, so too … Read More

Equine Veterinary Medical Centre, Qatar

On 24 March 2020 7:35 am | News

Alumni and former staff members of the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine are part of a team developing a state-of-the-art equine medical center in Qatar … Read More