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  • Dr. Stefania Bucca
  • DVM
  • Reproduction / Theriogenology


Dr. Stefania Bucca DVM is the Senior Clinical Veterinarian, Reproduction/Theriogenology at Equine Veterinary Medical Center, member of Qatar Foundation. She graduated from the University of Turin, College of Veterinary Medicine, Italy, in 1977. Dr. Bucca practiced in Ireland and Italy as Resident Stud Veterinarian and in equine first opinion and referral private practices as a Reproductive Consultant. Since 1996, she’s been collaborating with the Irish Equine Centre as Senior Clinical Researcher and is a guest lecturer at the University of Pisa, Italy, since 2004.

Following her appointment by the Racing and Equestrian Club as Senior Reproductive Specialist, Dr. Bucca moved to Qatar in February 2012. She then joined the staff at Equine Veterinary Medical Center (EVMC) in May 2018, as Senior Clinician in Equine Reproduction and Theriogenology.

Author of several articles and book chapters and invited speaker at numerous international venues, Dr. Bucca’s main research interests focus on equine pregnancy.

During her leisure time, Dr. Bucca enjoys horse riding, skiing, and mountain hiking.

  • Pathophysiology of the equine pregnancy
  • Ultrasonography of the equine pregnancy
  • Doppler ultrasonography of the equine pregnancy
  • Modulation of mating induced endometritis

2018 - present

Senior Clinical Veterinarian, Reproduction/Theriogenology

Equine Veterinary Medical Center, Member of Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar

2012 - 2017

Senior Reproductive Specialist

Qatar Racing and Equestrian Center, Doha Qatar

2008 - 2012

Senior Equine Reproduction Clinician / Head of SBS Ireland for stallion semen cryopreservation

Somerton Equine Hospital, Friarstown, Kildare, Ireland


Principal Clinical Researcher

on an original project on the modulation of mating induced endometritis, funded by the Irish National Development Plan, (The Irish Equine Centre, Johnstown Naas, Co Kildare Ireland) and published on Theriogenology

2005 - 2007

Senior Equine Reproduction Clinician

XY Veterinary Services, Beech Cottage Stapleton, Donadea Co Kildare, Ireland

2002 - 2004

Senior Equine Reproduction Clinician

Clinica Equina Costabella, Cascina Costabella, Suno, Borgomanero (NO), Italy

1999 - 2002

Senior Equine Reproduction Clinician at the Referral Center

Centro Equino Arcadia, Cascina Gauzegna, 10060 Vigone Torino, Italy


Senior Clinical Researcher

on an original project funded by the Irish National Development Plan and published on Theriogenology, on fetal monitoring The Irish Equine Centre, Johnstown Naas, Co Kildare Ireland

1996 - 1999

Senior Equine Reproduction Clinician

Allevamenti Toniatti, Standardbred Farm, San Michele Al Tagliamento, Latisana, (UD), Italy

1989 - 1991

Resident Stud Farm Veterinarian/Southern Hemisphere Breeding Season

Turangga Stud, Scone, NSW Australia


Resident Stud Farm Veterinarian/Southern Hemisphere Breeding Season

Kingston’s Stud, Melbourne, Australia

1985 - 1986

Resident Stud Farm Veterinarian/Southern Hemisphere Breeding Season

Balfour Stud, Jerry’s Planes, NSW Australia

1983 - 1995

Resident Stud Farm Veterinarian (breeding and medical management of about 1000 mares)

Rathbarry Stud, Fermoy, Co Cork, Ireland

1978 - 1983

Resident Stud Farm Veterinarian

Airlie Stud, Lucan, Co Dublin, Ireland

1972 - 1977

Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

College of Veterinary Medicine, Torino, Italy Graduated cum laude

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Bucca S, Monitoring of cerebro-spinal fluid pressure in the foal. XIV SIVE/FEEVA 2008 Congress Proceedings, p.40-41

  • Equine Veterinary Journal
  • Journal of Equine Veterinary Science