Pharmacy is staffed by qualified pharmacists and carries both human and veterinary products. Our pharmacy supports our veterinarians and clients with a comprehensive range of animal health products and veterinary supplies. Equine medicines, fluids and supplements are used at EVMC on admitted or hospitalized patients to treat various conditions. Medications such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, antispasmodics, antidiarrheics, gastroprotectants, sedatives,
diuretics, resuscitation drugs and ophthalmic medications are readily available to treat a wide portfolio of conditions. A wide range of IV fluids is also available for rehydration purposes and correction of electrolytes/acid-base balance.

Controlled medications to support the need of the anesthesia, the internal medicine and the surgery services are delivered under strict conditions to treat specific conditions and to improve patient welfare.

We dispense commercial over the counter and prescription medications. It is important to note that prescription only medications such as antibiotics and injections can only be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. Our outpatient pharmacy can fill current valid prescriptions signed and stamped by a licensed veterinarian.

The mission of the pharmacy parallels the ultimate purpose of EVMC, i.e. high-quality patient care, education, research, and community service.

Pharmacy Opening Hours are:
Sunday to Thursday- 7.30am – 3.30pm.
Closed on Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holidays.

Payment must be done at the time of medicine collection by credit or debit card.

Retail Pharmacy Services


We provide retail pharmacy services to our outpatients. We can service the prescription needs of our clients and can provide with fast, over-the-counter care. Stop in to see us for all your pharmaceutical needs.

Prescription Medications


Pharmacy accepts prescriptions from all licensed Veterinarians under MME. All clients picking up the prescription items are required to have a current valid prescription. It is important to note that all antibiotics and injections are prescription medications. Pharmacist dispenses
prescription drugs only in quantities required for the treatment as mentioned in the prescription.

OTC medicines and consumables


Pharmacy dispense OTC medicines and consumables without prescription. All oral supplements, oral antidiarrheals and dewormers are OTC medicines.

Controlled Medicines


EVMC pharmacy possess controlled veterinary medications for daily practices. However, controlled medications can be filled only for EVMC inpatients when prescribed by EVMC Veterinarians.