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EVMC provides treatment approach for rare skeletal disease in horses

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A former intern at the Equine Veterinary Medical Centre (EVMC), a Qatar Foundation entity, has conducted a research offering a new treatment avenue for horses and equine surgeons facing a rare skeletal condition.
The study was published in Veterinary Surgery, a world-renowned scientific journal. Dr Machiel Ysebaert was an intern at EVMC from 2019-2020 and took part in a 12-month post-graduate veterinary teaching programme dedicated to young veterinarians with a desire to specialise in equine diagnostics and therapeutics. The programme saw six interns from Belgium, Pakistan, Portugal, France, and Qatar. Dr Ysebaert and the EVMC surgical team, led by Dr Florent David, head of the Surgery and Sports Medicine service at EVMC, were presented with a rare case of a benign bone tumour interfering with the navicular bone, located close to the foot. The latest diagnostic imaging technologies were used to assess the foal and identify the clinical condition. Read more….